Hi. I’m just 16 but I think I have symptoms of sexual exhaustion and I’m glad to have found this site because I dunno what I was gonna do. I started masturbating at the age of 8 and have been masturbating constantly after the age of 11 for over 5 times a day sometimes. I would force my penis to quickly erect after cumming so I can cum again but nothing would come out and after the third forcing my erection will be kind of stiff painful erection why is that? I’m also very depressed all the time and have no energy whatsoever and am shy and anxious. My erections are not so weak but I have the other symptoms what should I do?

You are very young. Currently you are weakening your serotonin and GABA nervous control on your dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine conversion in your hypothalamus and causing a slight dopamine nervous deficiency. The premature ejaculation is an indication your serotonin and GABA nervous functions are weakened, but since you are having strong erections I assume that your hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis is not yet locked so your CNS is recovering (you still have “Fuel” to burn), without causing any additional symptoms.

You may recover quickly without supplemental support, just discontinue any sexual activities for a month. Resume them gradually, but do not over-masturbate or over-ejaculate ever again.

If you are having an overly-active sexual life or don’t plan to stop the ill practices, then you may consider Alpha-Amino, Multi-Alpha, 5HTP-Nettle, Ultra-Purified-FishOil to support your functions.