The idea of this very site came as a consequence of the sexual exhaustion I experienced myself at my twenty eights.

The symptoms were of wide range so I used to circle around numerous types of specialists for every issue. My erectile dysfunction issues bothered me so greatly that I went through 11 urologists total, I think, even after I stumbled on dr.Richards. However, the doctor’s methods were the only ones that proved to work as the time passed by. As you can imagine, I grew extremely sympathetic to the issue and circled around the forums trying help sufferers the best I could. I hired a guy to make this website, which was nothing more than a common blog with medical information at first. It was not helping that much, though, since the problems most of the guys experienced differed greatly, so I talked with dr.Richards himself and he agreed to share some insights.

At first he wrote just a couple of articles but then responses and questions from guys all over the world appeared. He started answering some of them in his spare time, recommending existing practices and supplements that used to work in the past for his patients. The problem with the products was that even combined they were not the exact thing he had in mind in order to be effective at their full potential. Most of the formulas were then tweaked heavily, thus creating unique products for this purpose alone. The process is an ongoing one and the products are ever-changing, even now. Recently we managed to combine most of the benefits of VE-Cream and SR-Cream in just 1 product, as well as BC-Liver and SF-Liver, Multi-B and Multi-A and B-Amino and A-Amino. Most of the other products have also been improved but not in such a drastic manner.