Im 26 years of age. Please help me! I’ve been masturbating since age of 10 and sometimes went for up to 30 times. My body is clearly exhausted and I have problems with everything.The severest are:

-My testicles became super small and hard on touch, it’s like they are stones or something.
-Premature ejaculation of about 30 seconds and I’m ejaculating
-Bad quality erection – weak and puny.
-Severe mood problems that I know I didn’t have but now I’m just on a rollarcoaster.
-Memory and prostate problems. I have an enlarged prostate for sure and my short term memory is worse than ever before.
-I also can’t concentrate at all, I read stuff but can’t concentrate to put them in my mind nor to remember them it’s horrible!!

PLEASE, PLEASE help me!!!!

P-er, you are experiencing symptoms of sexual exhaustion. Your chronic masturbation burned out your nervous and endocrine functions. Your acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin, and GABA levels are imbalanced, thus causing various ill symptoms and weak modulation on many processes that take place. In term of sexual functions you are 55-65 years old. Your liver system, hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-testicular axis are probably damaged.

You need to:
1.Discontinue any sexual activities for 1 to 3 months.
2.Take massages to promote blood flow.
3.Balance your diet.
4.Check your testosterone levels and if they are under 300mg/dl let me know.
5.Make good use of Multi-Alpha, Alpha-Amino, GRB6-GABA, 5HTP-Nettle, Ultra-Purified-FishOil, and testicle temperature regulatory solutions to gradually rejuvenate your neuro-endocrine function, support Serotonin and GABA nervous modulation on various inflammatory hormones, dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine, increase androgens, and promote prostaglandins E1 and E3 and NO for healing.

Wish you a fast recovery!

I’ve been taking what you prescribed me and there is a huge difference and it is not in my mind at all! Thank you SO MUCH that I words can not describe it actually.

My testicles are still small but sometimes they become big like normal. Also my premature ejaculation is way better where I used to cum if I was lucky for 1 minute of stimulation. Also the erection quality is way better and the most important thing – my mood is on a different level. In the beginning I was drowsy but now I’m just full of energy. The concentration is better as well, the memory too. I feel great.

Hats off to you!