Dr. Richards,

I am 28. I have been masturbating since I hit puberty, often several times a day. Over the past couple of years, I began the practice of edging while masturbating, often stroking my penis while looking at porn for several hours at a time. At first the result was extremely powerful and pleasurable orgasms with massive ejaculations with very high velocity. I believe that I subsequently got addicted to porn and this sort of masturbation, because rarely do I masturbate otherwise anymore.

I noticed several changes a few months ago with regard to my erection and ejaculation. First I started to pay attention to the fact that my ejaculations, while forceful and voluminous, appeared to be mostly water. There did not appear to be any clumpy, gooey white stuff. Also, my erections began to get weaker and weaker to the point where I was basically jerking on my flaccid member, trying to get off. I realized that I might have been doing myself harm, so I stopped ejaculating for about a week, still occasionally stroking my half-hard penis. When I finally did decide to have an orgasm again, it happened without my penis getting hard, and it was a very quick, weak orgasm that seemed to consist of mostly fluid, very little white goo. I also noticed at that time that there were some veins near the base of my penis that appeared very hard, my penis was tender all over, it began to remain in a perpetual tough/hard state even when flaccid, and there were physical changes to my penis. I made an appointment with a urologist who ordered an ultrasound on my penis. The ultrasound tech found small calcium deposits in my penis. The urologist has since referred me to a specialist because he told me he does not know how to treat the calcium deposits where they are, between the corpora. He said this is not Peyronie’s.

I am worried that my chronic masturbation has led me to have less turgid erections, some premature ejaculation issues, very watery sperm and I’m scared that some sort of scar tissue or calcium deposits are now in my penis and will change the shape and size of my penis. Do you have any thoughts? What should I do before my visit with the specialist? What do I need to tell him? I honestly do not know if I will be able to describe my jerk off practices as candidly with him as I can here for fear of embarrassment. Any recommendations?


Through the harmful edging and increased masturbation time you’ve depleted your organisms vital neurochemicals needed to support not only proper sexual but endocrine and nervous functioning as well.

The watery ejaculation is both a result of an overactive and inflamed prostate (through the locally increased excitatory and inflammatory prostaglandin E2) for increased prostatic fluid production (mainly during the increased masturbation and arousal time practices), and improper hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-testicular functioning for less androgens and abnormal testicular functioning.

It is usually very easy to damage ones penis through the improper levels and ratio of locally present elasticity prostaglandin E1 to E2, diminished Nitric Oxide, and improper androgens levels, since they are responsible for penile tissue health and integrity.

About 20% of the people with Peyronie’s Disease will suffer an eventual deposit calcification.