Hello Dr. Richards,

Thanks for putting up this website, you are offering an invaluable service to many men who have gone on the wrong track with their sexual health.

I have been struggling with unhealthy masturbation since I was 14, and pornography use since 22. I am now 36. I am in the midst of recovery for about 2 months with a couple of relapses, but still walking towards healthy living. (Again, your website is the reason why I don’t entertain porn or the idea of masturbation anymore. I think even looking at a pornographic image burns away healthy energy).

Presently, I am taking presently taking everything you have recommended for other people on this site. I am also consuming raw egg yolk for the acetycholine, and a product called ProstalTone, which is an herbal tonic formula that reduces prostate swelling and congestion, and balances the male hormones. It contains “Saw palmetto, Damiana, Goldenrod, White dead nettle, Hydrangea, Nettle, Urtica Radix, Althaea Off. Radix”.

My question is: depending on the severity of the SE, can recovering from SE also be painful? For example, I do struggle with short term memory. Sometimes my head is foggy, and others it is remarkably clear. However, I hit stages where my head pounds, painfully. Then it fades. I have similar experiences with my groin area and my lower back. The more I take this supplements, I feel great, then some intense pain, then further relief.

Any insights?

PS. Have you heard of a device called the Ring of Power (fits around your genitalia, and is supposed to increase testosterone). If you have, any idea about its efficacy?


I appreciate your kind words!

Since most the hormones are released in surges, numerous symptom fluctuations may occur. You should observe and see if can notice a pattern, so we can pinpoint the exact cause. But yes, it is not uncommon. Also, there are a bunch of other factors that may contribute to the fluctuations: emotional health, physical activity, diet and specific food intake, cardiovascular health, insulin resistance and glucose levels, and many, many more.

The Ring of Power is said to stimulates blood circulation to the sexual organs through electric current stimulation, which is indeed possible, but can be achieved with a simple exercise or massage. Also, the ion transfer theory presented is not backed up by any scientific research.