Good Afternoon, kind sir. Could you be kind enough and expand a bit on the correlation between stress in your life and weak erections + sexual exhaustion?

I myself have noticed a very direct link since I was on a vacation a couple of weeks ago and while there I had what I consider to be normal feeling in the penis. I could masturbate and the erections were satisfying. I even had sex without issues.

Now I’m back to my crappy old stressful job and it’s like it shot my libido right off my balls. Not only that but I also started suffering from other sexual exhaustion symptoms again! The penis feels limp and my erection are weak, my orgasms are not as satisfying and the most ironic of all is that even though my erections are weak and kind of numb, I started suffering from premature ejaculation. I must tell you, my girlfriend is not satisfied even one bit.

So, what is the connection, doc? Why is this happening?

Yes, as you have already noticed yourself – there is a well established connection between stress (both physical and emotional) and erectile quality.

Physical and emotional stress will result in excessive norepinephrine – epinephrine conversions and burn numerous vital hormones / neurohormones / neurotransmitters in the process. Sufferers will also experience excessive inflammatory prostaglandin E2 production and release into internal tissues and blood for elevated core temperature, which is really harmful as far as the proper functioning of numerous organs (such as brain, heart, liver, lungs, gallbladder, kidneys, adrenal glands, testicles, eyes, and ears).

Chronically overstimulated and overheated pituitary will release extra prolactin to shut down libido, testicular, and erectile functions. It’s a useful short term energy preservation mechanism which if prolonged, however, will not lead to the evolutionary desired results at all.

Also, excessive dopamine – norepinephrine conversions will weaken the dopamine nervous action on hypotlahamic – pituitary – testicular axis as well as numerous organs and tissues, which will result in low dopamine symptoms such as: low libido, addictions, depression, lack of ambition, antisocial behavior, anhedonia, etc.

The weakened nervous modulation (particularly serotonin – GABA) on excitatory and inflammatory response will also lead to premature ejaculation (as you have already noticed). It will also lead to either excessive or numbed penile sensitivity, depending on the ratio between androgens / neurotransmitters / and numerous inflammatory hormones.