Hi Doc,

What exactly is Edging and Kegels and how is it good or bad for you? I suffer from premature ejaculation and sexual exhaustion with very weak erection and although I’ve been taking your supplements and not ejaculating, I have been jerking and rubbing when I get anxious from not having sex. Is this setting me back even though I’m not actually ejaculating?

All the best,

Yes, you’re basically burning most of the vital neurochemicals needed for restoration and proper sexual functioning.

You’re avoiding the huge prolactin surge and dopamine drop at the end. However, this may prove to be even worse than ejaculating, since you will burn too much androgens and convert too much dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine in an unnatural manner and your body would be unable to stop you until you are completely exhausted.

One will also feel in heat through the inflammatory action of prostaglandin E2 so the urge to continue will be strong.
You should also avoid kegeling, since it will over-excite your prostate, seminal vesicles, and tissues situated in the area.