I’m 19 years old, I had intensive sex life since 15. Problems with urinating started year ago. I can’t keep urine too long, It’s harder to urinate, even though I want to urinate, so I keep pushing it, and after that it still feels like some urine is still left, but it wasn’t such a big problem before, it started to get worse just recently. I started to notice pain in my pubis, besides my erection is not hard enough, I can’t live my sex life I lived before. Even if I manage to have harder erection and have sex, sometimes my testicle (left one to be more precise)feels sore, and it takes another round of sex to make it disappear (what is very hard, because of erection problems i told you before). Well first, that comes to my mind is prostate, but is that really it? I mean I’m very young.

However I sometimes have a pain in my lower back. I’ve been lifting weights, so pain in my back can be caused by it), but just to make sure I want to ask is it possible that these problems are one big problem, that causes my so much discomfort. What options I should choose in order to get rid of these problems?

Yes, it is very possible that you’re suffering from minor symptoms of sexual exhaustion. The unfortunate fact is that the road to sexual exhaustion is an individual feature and is dependable on many, many factors, including genetics and lifestyle.

Abnormal neurotransmitter and neurohormone levels may negatively impact the action of arginine vasopressin and lead to frequent urination. Inflammatory response may also swell your prostate (not permanently enlarge it) so even at such young age one may still temporary suffer the effects of an enlarged prostate.
It is highly probable that the back problems are related to the condition. Weight lifting discontinuation would prove to be indicative of the actual cause.

You may consider:
1. Sexual activities discontinuation for a month.
2. A combination of Alpha-Amino, Alpha-AGH, Multi-Alpha, and Ultra-Purified-FishOil to better nervous and endocrine functioning, increase androgen hormones, stabilize vital neurotransmitter levels, aid nervous modulation on inflammatory response, and increase prostaglandin E1 E3 and Nitric Oxide for healing.
3. Testicular cooling solutions are to be considered to additionally increase androgens.