Please help me Dr. I have been heavily masturbating since I was 9. Around the age of 23 I started to experience buzzing ears and urinary incontinence. After my thirties weak erections and premature ejaculation and now I’m 43 and it has gotten much worse – plus the symptoms above I have body pains, blurry vision, eye floaters, dizziness, memory loss, anxiety, hypertension, seminal discharge in the urine, penile numbness, and even body tremors and panic attacks.

I’m in loss what was causing all that, fortunately I’ve read your articles and could explain to myself what was causing it. My penis has gotten very hard and numb when flaccid and I suspect serious nerve damage. Is there anything I can do to restore nerve function and get rid of most of the other symptoms? Your help would be very much appreciated!

I’m sorry to hear that it took you so much time to find the cause of the symptoms.
The chronic over-masturbation has burned out your parasympathetic-vagal, GABA and serotonin nervous control on your conversion of dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine(adrenalin) that takes place in the hypothalamus, hippocampus, brain stem and adrenal medulla. You have also induced high levels of prostaglandin E2 that over-excite the sympathetic nervous system and most probably produced various neurotoxins. Since you have urinary incontinence it is clear that you damaged and the parasympathetic, serotonin, GABA nervous control on your prostate and bladder.

You will have to discontinue any sexual activities for 1 to 3 months. Supplemental support to rejuvenate your neuro-endocrine function and boost your prostaglandins E1 and E2 and NO(nitric oxide) production for healing will also prove beneficial.

You need Multi-Alpha, 5HTP-Nettle, Alpha-AGH, Alpha-Amino, and Ultra-Purified-FishOil.
Additionally, you may want to consider testicle cooling to reliably optimize your androgen levels by temperature regulation.

Glad if I could help.

A quick update. I’ve been taking the supplements for 7 days now. I also started going to the gym and eating well balanced diet. What can I say, I had problems with abstraining from masturbation, it turned out to be more difficult than I thought.. but by the time the supplements arrived I was good to go.

The thing I noticed 2 days after taking them was that I’ve slept better and felt more sharp in the morning. I’m still feeling more focused and everything around seems more real somehow, I can’t explain it. However, my penis is still kind of numb. And the other symptoms are yet to resolve. How long till a see a noticeable improvements?

I know I’m a bit hasty with the results, but who wouldn’t be?¬†Thank you very much!

You are on the right track there. Have a little patience.


It’s been 2 week on the supplements and what can I say you deserve a medal or something! I had my first spontaneous erection in 10 years! To me this is the second sign that the changes I made in my life are paying off all thanks to you dr.!

Not only that but I’m much calmer, sharper and energized. I used to feel like a time bomb or something always anxious and tense, afraid of everything even crowds, but now I notice a change in my character itself! I work nearby so I walk to work and used to feel really tense when it’s dark and strangers are passing by – thinking that they may take my money or beat me up or something like this, but 3 days ago noticed that I wasn’t even thinking about this I was so certain that nothing wrong can happen and felt invincible just like in my twenties.


I’m certainly happy to have helped.
You are experiencing faster nervous rejuvenation than the average observed. It seems that your body was in deep need for these substances, once it got it it was able to jump start the healing.
Wish you a fast recovery!