Dear Dr. Richards. Please excuse my spelling, I’m not an English speaking guy.

I’m a 21 year old boy who have i firm flaccid penis and a chronic prostatitis (i think)
I can start by telling you my story. It started for a bit over 1 year, when i masturbated, and experienced a red and swollen penis. The swelling was on the left side on my penis, not big, but like a bulb on top of my head and on the top of my shaft on the skin(I’m not circumcised). It also had small 2 dots in grey color upon the swelling (like a had teared something, maybe a small skin vein, i don’t know). I went to the Dr, but got sent back by saying that this would be alright, just don’t masturbate and have sex for a while. The swelling got down by some hours, but the next day i experienced a firm flaccid penis (it has been like this now for a bit over 1 year).

So after 4 weeks (with no improvements) i decided to go to a urologist. He said that he couldn’t find anything upset an small scratch down at the base on the left side (i can feel an indention here when erect), but like i said, this is at the base, my swelling was higher up. So he didn’t do anything just said it will be alright and that it would grow back to normal. Soon after this, I started to get pains in my testicle ( in the end i couldn’t site or i had troubling walking) so I went to an andrologist. He found out that i had an very swollen and inflamed prostate. He diagnosed me with a acute prostatitis (which is now a chronic prostatitis, I think). I haven’t masturbated for 7 or 8 weeks now (but I got 1 or 2 ejaculations in the nights). He put me on medications and said that i needed to masturbate and have ejaculations. Eventually I got better, the pain was gone after some days, but the firm flaccid was exactly the same. I got back and he didn’t understand the firm flaccid thing. He thought it would be some hormone thing, and I took some tests, and was send to an expert on this. He found out that i had an metabolism problem(high metabolism) and I started after a good while with some medications on that. The symptoms on metabolism problem is now better, but the firm flaccid thing is still there.

My symptoms are very variable. When im standing or going it gets harder, and when im running/training and in stressful things (adrenaline is pumping) it gets really really firm (It’s like it tightens up). This can happen in a few seconds. But when I’m lying down or sitting(in a relaxing position) my penis gets soft(normal). It’s almost also gets normal (soft) when im feeling the need for urinating and when I’m urinating. Alpha blockers has also help a bit.

My erections is also weird. Its like it has lost its elasticity(i have lost the spongy feeling) and the feeling is not the same. Its sometimes a bit uncomfortable. Its just like its cramping, or ‘over-hard’ if i can explain it like that. (I also had some periods, where i woke up in the middle of the night with an really hard weird erect penis. I needed to wait 5-10 minutes or even go around for a period of time to get it down. This was really annoying) It’s like that my erection is locked, lost my feeling.

I think therefor that i can have had the indentation before the incident occurred, because it its ‘over-hard’ and you can feel the penis (corpus c.) much closer. My penis has also always pointed a bit to the left, not when erect, but when flaccid. Other than that, i can say i have been much more observant about my penis.

Some months ago, I also had some problems with my pelvic. Especially in training i sometimes felt pain. This has now gone away, but it is seems like my pelvic is tight. I don’t know how this was nefore my injury.
My testicles is often also very red. Like an inflammation.

I have taken ultrasound, MRI, doppler, nothing have been found.

I have been taken multivitamin, c-vitamin, fish oil(also before my injury)
Do you think this is a muscle tension, chemical/hormone imbalance or a tissue(membrane) issue? I can say that I was in an very stressful period of my life when the injury happened. One last thing that is worth mention, is that 1-2 hours before my injury, i got out and trained in the winter with almost no clothes on. I then experienced pain in my groin/testicles area. It was from here the andrologist thinked that i got an acute prostatits, and maybe helped me got the firm flaccid penis condition(this is ofcorse just an hypothesis, because we really frustrated)

I really want to get rid of the firm flaccid thing. This is really frustrating for me, and i really hope you can help me? Is there an formula you can give me? I think this site is really great and helpful. Thanks

The stressful period plus the vigorous workout right before the damage additionally increased the levels of stress and inflammatory hormones( cortisol, epinephrine, and prostaglandin E2), and temporary burned much of the bioavailable androgen ones that are also responsible for the penile tissue health, blood vessel, and nerve integrity. After the initial damage and inflammation, the body started to release a collagen scar tissue and you experienced the firm flaccid penis condition.

The penile damage, the swollen prostate, and the testicle pains have the same origin – increased stress and inflammatory hormone levels for local inflammation and decreased prostaglandin E1 E3 for tissue elasticity and healing. You’ve also probably suffered a mild abrasion through a forceful contractions upon ejaculation for additional testicular and prostate pain and inflammation.

Causes for a firm flaccid penis in an upright positions are borderline androgen hormones levels that are usually needed to support the lower body. Other causes: penile damage, pelvic arterial constriction, and tense pelvic area. The urination will seemingly better the firm flaccid condition through a tissue relaxation that is needed.

“Do you think this is a muscle tension, chemical/hormone imbalance or a tissue(membrane) issue?”

It is quite possible to be all of them.

There are several things that should get you on track:

1.Discontinue sexual activities for a month.
2.Apply hot wraps and the special SR-Cream.
3.Make good use of Alpha-Amino, Multi-Alpha, Alpha-AGH, Ultra-Purified-FishOil, and testicle cooling solutions to better your nervous and endocrine functioning, boost your androgen hormones production, modulate inflammatory response, charge the CNS, and increase prostaglandin E1 E3 and Nitric Oxide for healing.