I am 33 years old. For 4 months I was having sex 5 to 10 times a week. Most of it occurring on the weekends, and some of it was pretty rough at times. Also, some times i would orgasm more than once off the same erection. During this same time i was masturbating twice a week on average. For 2 weeks not too long ago my penis got sore. At the end of that 2 week period, i became erect in the evening, did nothing with the erection, lost the erection and found a hard bulge in my flaccid penis. My penis also shrunk up and the head and glans turned white. i went into the ER and was sent to a urologist. He at first thought it was a priapism. After inspecting it further he decided it was not priapism and called it an “over use injury” that should heal completely in 2 weeks. Since then, i have had firmness in my flaccid penis.

I’m not sure if its blood, scar tissue, or what? I am not getting random erections. and nocturnal erections seem to be happening occasionally but not near as i would expect. My sex drive seems to be nearly gone. generally my penis is numb and unresponsive. I have had some bottleneck erections where the bottom 3rd is very firm while the top 2/3 is soft. lately, even when i’m with my girlfriend in bed i am not getting any sexual sensations, or erections. just 2 months ago this would be absolutely unheard of for me. Does it sound like permanent damage? Will it heal? What can i do to help it heal? local urologists seem stumped and uninterested.

I should add… its been over 3 weeks now. The color seems to be coming back. But the hardness while flaccid still occurs quite a bit and my erectile function seems to be worsening. The last full erection i remember having was 4 nights ago. I had sex that night (very gentle and very short), and the hard flaccid state immediately came back and since then i seem to have lost the ability to become erect.

Unfortunately, diminishing hGH and androgen levels (especially after 35) tend to increase the possibility of penile injuries of any kind.

“im not sure if its blood, scar tissue, or what?”

It is unlikely to be a scar tissue since a full scar tissue development will take weeks to months. The bulge appeared suddenly, so it’s either a blood or lymphatic vessel clot.

The softness of the erections is an indication that the corpus spongiosum can’t expand fully, or at least not in the middle and upper area where you sustained the damage – so you end up relying on your 2 corpus cavernosa for an erection power. Since the erection can’t be sealed you will experience problems sustaining it. The lack of sensitivity indicates that a mild local nervous damage occurred, it may get worse if a scar tissue develops in the area.

The firm flaccid penis condition is either a retraction of the penile tissue as a result of sustained damage, or is indicative of lowered androgen hormones, prostaglandin E1 E3, and Nitric Oxide levels. They are usually co-dependent, which means that one with heightened androgen hormones, prostaglandin E1 E3 and Nitric Oxide levels is much less likely to injure his penis. The same goes for the rejuvenation and healing processes. You have to boost your androgen hormone production naturally, modulate stress and inflammatory hormonal releases, and increase prostaglandin E1 E3 and NO in the local tissues for healing.

“does it sound like permanent damage? will it heal? what can i do to help it heal?”

It may prove to be a permanent condition if a scar tissue develops and no preventive measures are taken.
It is possible to heal.

Alpha-AGH, Multi-Alpha, Alpha-Amino, Ultra-Purified-FishOil, and testicle cooling will be of great assistance to better nervous and endocrine functioning, increase androgen hormone production, charge the CNS, and increase prostaglandin E1 E3, and Nitric Oxide for healing.

You should also use hot wraps and gently massage the penis with SR-Cream and lower the frequency of sexual activities.