Doc i was doing penis exercises a few months ago now i find it hard to maintain a erection or even get a erection.

When with my girlfriend i can get hard however i took out my penis for her to suck it and i noticed where was like cum or something dripping out of it, and I’ve noticed it more now, and she did.

It’s been happening a lot now, will i ever get back to normal, has anyone cured them self form this. My urologist only felt it with her hands and that’s it. Told me i had mental issues. And send me to get Cialis which i cannot afford as i am 20 and in full time education. My penis is also has hard patched, i tried to explain it to my urologist but she didn’t notice.

Is it curable?
What happened
Has anyone cured them selves from this
How long will it take if so..


Yes, you injured your penis. The precum is usually a result of abnormal parasympathetic and local penile tissue functioning.

“Is it curable?”

Yes, it is.

“What happened?”

Mechanical penile damage will induce hardening and a collagen scaring of the erectile tissues (by the uncontrolled release of prostaglandin E-2) if you expand them beyond the elastic properties of your tunica albuginea. A collagen tissue scar will be formed, usually preventing tunica albuginea and corpus spongiosum from expanding and sealing off the penis properly – a constant stimulation is then usually needed. Also, the erection quality itself may prove to be unsatisfactory.

“Has anyone cured them selves from this?”


“How long will it take if so?”

It differs, however, if properly addressed, usually takes up to 6-9 months for a full recovery.