The forum is predominantly concerned with penile enlargement practices but has steadily outgrown the subject and now has useful categories such as: Erectile Dysfunction Forum, Premature Ejaculation Forum, Foreskin Restoration Forum, and Exercise & Health Forum.
It’s a proven fact that sexual exhaustion frequently leads to penile injuries through the lowered androgens / other contributing factors. The forum is mainly dedicated to penile enlargement practices but has a very decent “Injuries and Treatments” category.
The site comes with a nice Impotence & Erectile Dysfunction Support Group and a great forum dedicated to both men and women. You’ll find quite a few posts made by women and a new perspective on the subject is always useful.
The site hosts numerous forums and has been with doctors answering in a very typical fashion. The site has been accused of being too “main stream”-like by some of our community members on numerous occasions. Nevertheless, there are some particularly useful forums such as: Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Infertility, and the ones under “Mens Health”.
Even though Gary is insisting that porn (not masturbation) is the predominant culprit for the issues people face today, the forum can be a valuable source of information.
The forum dedicated almost exclusively to Peyronie’s Disease. It hosts a wealth of information regarding the condition and can be particularly useful to any who is suffering from any form of physical penile alterations.
The site hosts numerous forums with particularly useful being: Erectile Dysfunction, Sexual Health, and Urology. Their tag cloud addition is also nicely made.
One of the first forums to raise Sexual Exhaustion awareness. The community is knowledgeable and helpful. You’ll find basically all their categories to be on the spot and very useful, with the main one being General Information & Symptoms Involving Sexual Exhaustion.