I work as an Acupuncturist and was interested in several of your products. It has come to my attention that GRB6-GABA really did a great job with my chronic anxiety and scattered sleep patterns although I am not sure if it was this product alone since I was taking also Multi-Alpha and Alpha-Amino. So I stumbled on an article that explains GABA can’t penetrate the blood brain barrier. I really don’t get it, why is it working? I sleep so much better and I am actually smarter! My skills in chess have improved dramatically! Many of my patients could use this product. Especially those with anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue or basically any condition with an excess sympathetic nervous system (which are many). This product will help with sleep and stress management and much more.

Glad to hear you’re improving.
Indeed, the processing of GRB6-GABA is probably the most complex of all the products available. It works fine through its similar nature to Picamilon and even adds up to the effect through the other ingredients to support proper parasympathetic functioning.