Hello Dr. Richards!

First I would like to thank you for creating this web site and for providing us with this information that it seems can not be found anywhere else. You truly are a blessing for those of us who are desperate looking for answers.

About 7 months ago I did this penis exercises (stretches, jelking etc.) and shortly after that I have noticed that my penis is hard when flaccid. It was very unusual and I knew that something must be wrong and that i may have injured my member somehow. I stopped all the exercises and thought that it would heal on its own, but it did not. I then started taking some multivitamins, L-Arginine and Ginko Biloba as someone suggested on one of the websites for penis exercises. That did not have much of a result and I did not improve. So I ignored the problem for a while. Then I noticed that my erections got weaker. My penis was a bit softer while erect and I would loose my erections quickly without stimulation. That’s when I knew that this problem needs to be addressed. I do not feel any discomfort or pain because of this and usually do not know that i have the hard flaccid unless I use my hand to touch it. It is worst in the evening and morning and when showering. In the day time it seems to almost always be normal. It also gets hard while flaccid when I touch it repeatedly, like when i massage it with vitamin E cream. Another interesting thing is that i have erections all night long. I usually wake up 2-3 times at night and almost always I have an erection. I do not know what this means or if it is normal. But i never get random erections erections when I am awake.

Also i never masturbated for more than 4 times a week. Usually 1-2. Even less when i have a sex partner.
I have been reading your web site for a while. I ordered the supplements that you suggest: Balance point for men, Moderex and Seronex 5 htp. I got them a few weeks ago and have been taking them since following the directions on the bottles.
I have discontinued all sexual activity for 10 days now. And even though I do not get random erections while awake, I feel the desire to have sex or masturbate. It also seems that sometimes because of this I feel a slight pain in my testicles as I used to have when I did not have sex for a while. Should I masturbate like once every 10 days or so to relieve the pressure?
I do not smoke, but I chew tobacco should i quit that? I also heard that coffee may have a negative impact on sexual health and was wandering if it should be avoided?
Also do you think that a complete recovery would be possible?
Along with the supplements that you recommend, I also take this product called Nitric Oxide Maximizer, which is L-Arginine and some antioxidants. I take about 3g of L-Arginine from it a day. Also Ginko, Vitamin E 3×400 UI fish oil 3×1000, Paba Caps.

I also work out 4 times a week.

Would you have any suggestions based on what I wrote above. Anything that I could add or change that would speed up or help the recovery? How long should i expect that this will take until it would be safe to resume sexual activity?
Thank you very much in advance for your time and help!!!

Best regards,

SP, I’m glad to hear from you again.
The nocturnal erections are a good sign, it is an indication that your hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis is not completely locked, or locked at all. It will deliver fresh blood to the area, thus contributing to the healing process. On the other hand, the lack of spontaneous erections throughout the day is a sign that your body is lacking high levels of androgen hormones. The bodily “consumption” of androgen hormones of any kind is higher throughout the day, so the available ones are distributed and serving other vital bodily functions.

You should abstain from masturbation at least the first 20 to 30 days due to the possibility your urge to be caused by the residual effect of excessive prostaglandin E2 has on your prostate, testicles, and penile tissues. After that, if you can, increase the masturbation frequency. I’d say that since you never abused it in the first place, once in 7-14 days should be fine.

You should quit chewing tobacco, it is almost as harmful as smoking, and your body will absorb even higher portions of nicotine. It will also cause teeth decay, gum disease, numerous lesions, and of course there are more than 20 substances that may cause cancer and different biochemical abnormalities in the human body.

You should also quit drinking coffee, for it has numerous long term harmful effects on the nervous and endocrine systems functioning, and respectively on the sexual health.

A complete recovery is usually very possible. However, for some of the severe cases, where a completely blown nervous modulation on dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine converion, exhausted CNS, high levels of prostaglandin E2, cortisol (or low levels), prolactin, negative neuroplasticity, and completely locked testicular functioning were chronically observed, permanent damage to the internal tissues and organs may occur – thus negating the chances for a complete recovery.

Since you are taking additional L-Arginine you may want to consume more Vitamin C for greater results.

You may also greatly benefit from our SR-Cream that has been created for that exact purpose.

Other than that you should be patient. Unfortunately, it is a slow process, even 5 times faster recovery still equals months.

Wish you a fast recovery!