I am writing to you in regards to the article posted on this web site about a condition that seems to be called hard flaccid. I seem to suffer from such condition for about 6 months now. This whole time i have been frantically searching for an answer from doctors and online resources to no avail. When i came across your article I was amazed that there is a doctor who not only does not discount the symptoms, but also offers some concrete answers as to their cause and possible solutions.

I believe that my injury took place as a result of doing some penis exercises with the goal of increasing the size of my penis. At the time I was in a troubled relationship and thought that this might help. It did not, nor did i need a bigger penis. I did notice this hard flaccid and stopped the exercises immediately. However my penis did not heal itself. My penis is hard even in flaccid state. It is not like that all the time, but quite often. Sometimes this will cause some slight discomfort, but most of the time i do not really feel much. It seems to be the worst when i get in the shower and when something is touching it. Sometimes when i just touch it with my fingers to see if it is hard or not, i can feel it getting hard, while remaining flaccid.

The plague tissue is responding to the touch in an attempt to keep its inter-connections together, that’s why it becomes hard. You should massage it very gently, picturing in your mind its dissolution.

Do not do Kegels, they will overstimulate your prostate and you will consequently suffer a chronic premature ejaculation.

You should never physically stimulate yourself for an erection, this alone may ruin your recovery. The erection has to be mentally induced or spontaneous, otherwise you will feed your old neuroplasticity for additional inflammatory hormones.

The lack of spontaneous erections through the day is indicative of lowered androgens. You get spontaneous erections through the night because your organism is at rest and can redirect them (androgen hormones) to any place needed. Lack of nocturnal erections is usually indicative of locked hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis.

I must say I went ahead and ordered your SR-Cream even without any recommendation and it’s doing it’s thing. I’ve been applying it for 3 weeks not and at first it made it feel kind of warm and less rigid when flaccid. Now after some weeks I don’t feel it warm anymore but the firmness decreased at least 65 to 70% and the sensitivity is way better too. I must say I’m kind of excited of this change and plan on getting other supplements. Could you please recommend any to increase my libido since I think it’s off.
and once more thank you so much!