Hi Doc,
I suffer from the hard flaccid state for months now, and have been keeping up with your website for a while now. First, thanks for all the help you’ve provided everyone.

For over a month now, I’ve been keeping ejaculation to roughly once a week. Have been taking a multi-vitamin and fish oil every morning and 100 mg 5-htp before bed every other night. Haven’t gotten around to ordering GABA yet. I’ve been trying to live a healthy lifestyle and eat clean.

What happens now is if I abstain and do everything right for 4-5 days things return to 100% normal. Hard flaccid disappears on day 5 as if nothing happened, testicles loosen up. Sometimes the hard flaccid will return randomly even when I am abstaining, and I believe it’s caused either by certain inflammatory foods I eat, or by workouts that tighten the pelvic muscles, but I can’t know which it is for a fact.

I try not to drink alcohol. I smoke good quality weed a few times a week. What happens is pretty interesting. Minutes after I smoke the weed, my testicles right away loosen up to the max. They hang even more then they used to before I had problems. It’s almost weird, but not in a bad way. Libido goes up a bit. (All this only happens in the hard flaccid, constricted state. In a normal state everything is unaffected). And hard flaccid is usually unaffected when I’m high. But what happens is when I’m high I can consciously relax my pelvic floor muscles, which feel constricted. When the high wears off, It becomes almost impossible to keep the pelvic muscles as relaxed, and things pretty much become constricted again and return to the hard flaccid state.

I had sex while i was high recently and I had no problems with erection and lasted like 45 minutes, which is great.
So my question, do you know how to possibly explain that my testicles go from beng constricted to fully lose within minutes after smoking weed??

It’s like a temporary alpha-blocker for me. I ruled out the theory that i’s caused by a raise in dopamine/serotonin because I know it doesn’t raise them within minutes. Correct?

So I believe it just blocks the extra norepinephrine + all other inflammatory processes instantly. What do you think?
I don’t expect you to have answers for this, I’m already happy that I’m slowly recovering, but it would help if you do.
Sometimes after the high wears off, everything down there stays relaxed for days, other days it goes back to what it was, if not worse.

Do you think I should continue smoking it??

I understand I have a classic case of the inflammation an raised prostaglandin e2 that you keep talking about. Since everything normalizes after 4-5 days of abstaining, I take that as a good sign. Hopefully those 4 days wll turn into 4 hours soon.

Other then that, do you recommend I take GABA? and do you think it’s necessary for me to take HGH? since my case is not severe, I’m not sure I’ll benefit from it.

Thank you so much!!


The marijuanas chemicals mimic the action of numerous neurotransmitters by taking over the empty nervous terminals and synapses. That is why, dependent on individual gene expressions and neurotransmitter levels, may cause numerous symptoms (from what you describe, to severe psychological and physiological disorders).

Naturally, I strongly suggest you discontinue marijuana usage.