Thank you for this site, it has some useful info. About 12 months ago I made the mistake of trying those jelqing exercises. I did them for a few weeks and noticed some lack of sensitivity in the penis but nothing major. Then one night I decided to masturbate vigorously using the pillow sheets as an aid (‘humped the bed’). I ejaculated about 6 times that day and on the last one I felt a slight pain and then my penis shrunk up and went cold. Since then I have all of the symptoms of a jelqing injury, including:

– Firm, flaccid penis – No nocturnal or morning erections – Lack of spontaneous erections (only get one when watching porn) – Difficulty urinating/ weak urine stream – Lack of sensation in penis shaft and glans – Loss of sexual desire/libido.

I did see some improvement when I used Gingo Biloba, but they are hard to get a hold off. I still masturbate about once a week now, which is down from the 3 times a day I did for a few years before the injury. My GP is clueless and prescribed me Risperdal for the anxiety. Please Dr. Has anyone recovered from this? And is it reversible? I just want to know if there is hope for me!

Many Thanks

Jelqing, if not backed up with sufficient elasticity prostaglandin E1 E3 and Nitric Oxide levels, as well as proper androgens levels and serotonin-GABA nervous modulation on inflammatory response, will result in excessive collagen scar tissue release for an ongoing erectile dysfunction problems. Note that in a state of imbalance and heightened prostaglandin E2 levels even masturbation may result in abnormal inflammatory reaction for excessive collagen tissue release.

Retracted firm flaccid penile tissues and lost sensitivity are common. If that is the case, one may expect to observe further penile shape alterations and erection abnormalities (after several months), such as penile bending and an hourglass penile shape at 60-70% erection.

Firm flaccid penis condition and lost sensation may be contributed purely to insufficient androgens, elasticity prostaglandin E1 E3, and Nitric Oxide, even without any collagen scar tissue release. However, abnormal levels of the listed above make ones penile tissues highly succeptible to injuries of any kind (even through masturbation alone), so one may have to be quick to react.

“Has anyone recovered from this? And is it reversible?”

Yes, it is usually completely reversible. Note that varicose veins (if observed) will lessen in size and become healthy but will never fully disappear. One may even recover without any assistance through different gene expressions and individual neurohormone levels. However, the process of recovery could be significantly shortened if properly addressed.