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Around May 2010 I sustained an injury while jelqing. I felt a shooting pain, followed by the immediate loss of my erection. For a week or two after that I had pins and needles along the left side of my Cavernosa, and also on the entire glans. I also had numbness. At the time I was smoking marijuana multiple times per week. I had difficulty achieve erection, and a loss of pleasurable sensation of the penis, and orgasm. I remember the glans not filling up during erection as well (at times).

By August 2010 my erection had slowly recovered. It was almost back to normal at times. I unwisely thought a light jelqing routine would return it from about 85% normal to 100%. I did it for about two weeks. I developed an inability to get erect, and varicose veins. My penis felt a bit sore for a while. In the flaccid state it was much larger, and looser, but sort of dead. I attempted to let it heal but made little progress it seems. Viagra allows me to have a functional erection.

There is a much less degree of pleasurable sensation in my penis. The glans appear smaller, and do not get as rigid (same with spongiosum). My ejaculations no longer “shoot”. I require constant stimulation for an erection which lacks rigidity. I can also feel a sort of rice like bump, which slightly moves, about half an inch from my glans on the nunderside of the left cavernosa. Sort of like a hardened vein. Detumescense is unnaturally quick. The varicose veins appear on the skin nearest the glans, with one vein stretching along the left side of the shaft. That portion of the shaft nearest the glans also seems to have toughened up.

My hypothesis is that I had nerve injury, followed by collagen release especially after the 2 week period in August. The erection went from very functional, to completely unusable in just a 2 week period, so I do not understand how collagen formation could occur so quickly, but perhaps the original nerve injury was again inflamed.

1.) What is your opinion on my issue?
2.) Is it possible that I have caused a physical “break” in a valve or leaflet which has caused an issue only curable via surgery (embolization)?
3.) Can this be fixed? If so, how, and how long will it take?

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“What is your opinion on my issue?”

I would say that the injury affected mainly tunica albuginea as well as local nerve endings, and indirectly after influenced corpus spongiosum proper functioning through the scar tissue formation. The inability of the penile tissue to seal off the penis and pinch veins properly will gradually lead to varicose veins. One may also develop varicose veins over night if there is a direct vein damage and subsequent collagen release into the vein itself.

“Is it possible that I have caused a physical “break” in a valve or leaflet which has caused an issue only curable via surgery (embolization)?”

With the symptoms described, it is highly unlikely.

“Can this be fixed? If so, how, and how long will it take?”

Yes, the condition is usually reversible. Some healthy men even heal on their own in a year or two. Such traumas should heal over time if properly addressed. Much bloodflow to the area is essential for the healing. There are several agents that will better sexual functions and are responsible for penile tissue health and integrity. A combination of Multi-Alpha, Alpha-Amino, Alpha-HGH, and Ultra-Purified-FishOil will promote high androgen hormones and elasticity prostaglandin E1 E3 and Nitric Oxide for healing. A burning sensation that will later transform to itching will be experienced – a sign of the healing process that will be taking place.

SR-Cream should be applied on the base of the penis to additionally address the issue as well as possible by locally increasing prostaglandin E1 E3 and Nitric Oxide, so any internal hematomas or collagen scar tissue will be eventually dissolved.

Also, testicular cooling (uBreeze) will prove to be effective in additionally increasing androgens.

One will also benefit from hot wraps and baths.

Once properly addressed, a notable improvement will be observed in 1 to 2 months and a full penile functioning restoration experienced in 4 to 12 months (except for the varicose veins which will shrink and become healthy again, but remain slightly visible).