Hey doc I ran into a problem doing penis enlargement, back in September 09 I was jelqing with to much force and noticed that The next morning I couldn’t get an erection so I gave it 5 days and most feeling came back but I had sex a few times and masterbated everyday and I had no paIn but slowed my healing then about November 09 I heard if u do jelqs then feeling would come back so feeling pretty good but not 100% I did jelq. About a 100 reps and since then I have had a hard flaccid penis,less feeling, and just a very firm penis over all. It’s been months I have been giving myself days in between to heal but no more than 5 days I have been masterbating every other day and had sex like 3 times since due to no pain. The problem now is the firm flaccid and very hard erection and at times feeling of uncomfort.. not pain wen I do have sex or masterbate..my penis also stays full for a little wen I do ejaculate. My penis is a little shorter about 1/2 inch? but it’s been month so it’s gotten better I guess.. I don’t get insomnia anymore and I do get morning wood when I don’t masterbate but my morning wood is very firm. Erection very firm, flaccid firm but has gotten a little softer in the flaccid stage…I don’t know where I go from here? I don’t know if it’s scar tissue. I’m a boxer and run a lot or throughout the day it softens up. Should this heal on it’s own or should I take affect now like sr cream or stop masterbating just want to heal this problem?? Please let me know doctor


Yes, the symptoms described are indicative of penile tissue damage as well as collagen scar tissue formation.
Usually, the damage is a combined with a small internal hematoma, scar tissue release, and nerve damage (through the compression and the scar tissue), as well as blood flow issues.

The shortening present is usually a result of a internal collagen scar tissue formation (centrally located) for improper corpus spongiosum functioning. By not inflating properly, instead of causing a typical side bending, will affect the overall length and girth of the penis. However, a downward bend is usually present.

Since you haven’t experienced any alterations in the sexual drive or morning erection pattern, which is indicative of a proper hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-testicular functioning, I would conclude that you should experience faster recovery.

However, one may significantly boost the recovery time if the problem is properly addressed. Much bloodflow to the area is essential for the healing. There are several agents that will better sexual functions and are responsible for penile tissue health and integrity, as well as the healing properties. A combination of Multi-Alpha, Alpha-Amino, Alpha-AGH, and Ultra-Purified-FishOil will promote heightened androgen hormones and elasticity prostaglandin E1 E3 and Nitric Oxide for healing.

SR-Cream should be applied locally to increase prostaglandin E1 and Nitric Oxide, fully re-sensitize the penis, promote blood flow to the area, and eventually dissolve the collagen scar tissue formation.

Also, testicular temperature regulatory solutions will prove to be effective in additionally increasing androgens.
You will also benefit from hot wraps and baths.

Glad if I could help!