Hello, approximately 3 months and 2 weeks ago I think I injured my penis, pretty bad.

I was masturbating and right before reaching the orgasm I decided to try to stop it, so I squeezed the glans semi hard, it worked. Then I did it again, maybe a little bit harder, and it didn’t work, so I didn’t think much of the little pain I felt. It was very little.

However, the next day I could barely get hard and realized that my foreskin and glans was next to numb. At least 80% decrease in sensitivity to the prior day. At this point I didn’t even remember the injury from the other night. I got desperate to achieve an erection and orgasm to convince my self nothing was wrong.

This has been going on for over 3 months now with no improvement. I can get erected only by intens stimulation of the mind and body. My flaccid is also firm/hard feeling, not the spongy/soft it normally is.

I have no clue what to do… I’m only 20 years old, healthy, don’t smoke, no medications, no alcohol the last months, no sexual anxiety issues what so ever… Have I destroyed a nerve that will never heal again?

You’ve damaged the corpus spongiosum. There are some very sensitive nerve endings on and under the glans. One will be lucky to avoid internal scar tissue formation for a permanent nerve compression and tissue desensitation.
If there is no collagen release and the damage on the soft tissues is not significant (rupture) the sensitivity should return eventually.

You may consider boosting the process with the SR-Cream for tissue and sensitivity restoration.

Also Alpha-Amino, Alpha-AGH, Multi-Alpha, and Ultra-Purified-FishOil will increase your androgen hormones production, better your libido, promote blood flow and prostaglandin E1 E3 and Nitric Oxide for healing, and even slightly enlarge your penis permanently.

Could you elaborate a little?
I am uncircumcised and there is discoloration on the foreskin right under the glans. Unchanged for 3.5 months
What sort of nerves have I damaged and how long does it take to heal ?
How do I know if it wont heal?
What are the recovery rate of this sort of injury?
-All the best

Of course, in your case, the most probable cause for the discoloration should be poor blood circulation to the affected areas.

There is quite a complicated net of penile nerves that enter the perineal nerve, the dorsal penile nerve, the pudendal nerve, and the ilioinguinal nerve, so it will be difficult to pinpoint the exact nerves that could have been damaged.

The recovery rate differs through individual gene expressions and exact injury. However, if proper measures are taken, it shouldn’t take longer than several weeks to a few months.

But it’s already been 3 and a half month (closer to 4 months) with ZERO improvement.
So I can conclude that is not the case then?=\


No, since the issue was never addressed properly.