People are foolish! I am FOOLISH!
The years around 16-20 were freaking great, I always had an erection that was just incredible – it pointed straight up towards the clouds and was frigid as a stone I tell you!

Then what? I masturbated, masturbated, I masturbated like a polar bear and of course started having sex too. So that way I could masturbate – have sex – masturbate and of course masturbate some more! Around 23 I noticed that my erections were not so great anymore, they were not as nearly as hard and I’ve lost some size too (from 7 to 6.2 or something). I started kegeling and this made me cum like an airjet or something – wrong move there. The erections became 2 o’clockish, then 3, 4! Now I have a rubbery dick with severe premature ejaculation problems.

From the king of the world I became one big nothing. It was coming to me all along. What herbs, vitamins or medicines do you suggest I use to refurbish the bioelectric link between my mind and my penis?

What you are describing is a common problem with the young people these days.
You need Multi-Alpha, Alpha-Amino, 5HTP-Nettle, and Ultra-Purified-FishOil.
Testicle cooling will also prove to be beneficial by reliably increasing your androgens.

I’m on the supps for 1 month and at first my sexual desire disappeared which made me doubt if the site was just after my money. But later I noticed my sexual desire came back and with no more so severe premature ejaculation that was super sweet(this was around week 2) and after that I even masturbated while taking the products but made no difference and I feel super enegized and sexy now. Even have a new girlfriend and pump her pu**y every day!