I injured my penis after violent masturbation.. I’ve lost sensitivity on the top of the penis but not the glans, just between glans and the mid shaft. It’s super strange. What did I injure?! The skin looks stretched and there is a bump kind of like a nerve pushing against the skin. I’m kind of worried so is this a collagen scar or a broken nerve?! And the other thing is that a vein appeared of nowhere, I suppose it’s my fault but wonder if this is a varicose vein and is it caused by collagen forming in the valves?
Thank you.

It is a collagen scar formation. Violent over-masturbation causes penile numbness, due to the damage inflicted on the neuro-muscular endings.

If you are also ejaculating frequently you may suffer numerous other problems. One of them will be deficiency of acetylcholine, which will lead to poor nervous transduction, thus backing up the ill effects of the violent masturbation.

Yes, the vein that appeared is varicose in nature. It is a result of the inflammation induced collagen scar that appeared in the blood vessels.

You can improve the quality of the veins and valves by boosting Prostaglandin E1 E3 and Nitric Oxide production in the local tissues.