The fact is that this very site started as a simple forum-like blog but somewhere along the way, mainly due to its inherent structure, changed and became something quite unique. During these 2 years we’ve received a colossal amount of positive feedback and would like to believe that we’ve managed to help thousands of people worldwide.

Nevertheless, it has been my personal opinion (for some time now) that we’re actually unintentionally blocking much useful user-generated information, as well as the free communication between sufferers. That is why I’m extremely delighted to announce that a professional grade software has been used in creating a forum with great functionality, where each and every one may post and discuss issues that have been plaguing so many of us for years. Much of the site’s traffic is to be transferred to the forum so don’t be discouraged to post threads even in the seemingly empty initial boards.

The initial version of the forum is to be finished in a couple of days and I really hope it will prove to be of assistance to you, guys.

Quick Update: Minor technical difficulties delayed the launch of the forum more than expected. Nevertheless, it’s finally ready and will be online in 48 hours.

Quick Update: I’m extremely glad to announce that the forum is finally done at Even though it’s been internally tested, some bugs here and there are to be expected. Feel free to report any encountered abnormalities and the guys will be quick to resolve them. Hopefully, the forum will prove to be as valuable (if not more) of a resource as this very site.