I’ve estimated that I’ve spent maybe a total of about 2000 hours masturbating over the past 6 years. A few months ago I had sex for the first time, but the first three tries I was unable to get an erection, and I only got it in the next morning because I had an erection anyway. the same thing happened about 5 times since. I’ve given up masturbating and am 5 days without, do you think that this will help?

Yes, it is a frequently observed failure.

Most of the doctors will just conclude that it is due to anxiety. Yes, it may be because of the anxiety, but why are you anxious in the first place? One may be slightly anxious but if he has enough neurochemicals to burn, will never be anxious enough to let the excessive stress hormones put his system into weak parasympathetic functioning and ruin his experience.

Sexual abstinence may help. However, as you may observe it is usually not enough, since the cycle of inflammation, gene expressions, and negative neuroplasticity have to be addressed and altered altogether for best results.