I would like to ask of your opinion on PC exercises.I used to do them back in the days for at least 3 months to intensify my orgasms and I must admit it seemed like it worked fine.The downside of it was that I started ejaculating prematurely and used to have more frequent than usual nocturnal emissions(at least 2-3times a week).All this time though I’ve wondered if that’s what caused my PE or was it that I just started stimulating by thought and action more of my system so it can be contributed to exhaustion of some kind?For the record I’m still experiencing a form of PE and it’s been almost 3 years since I did these practices.What’s going on?

Unfortunately, PC exercises may not be as beneficial to overall orgasm intensity and improved functioning as one would expect.

Similar practices will stimulate number of sympathetic nerves, especially L1 and L2. Chronic exercising of the dense pelvic floor and perineum (where L1 and L2 are situated) will basically over-stimulate your sympathetic response and train ones system over time to exert certain nervous response to any sexual stimulation, leading to premature ejaculation.