One must be aware that abrasive masturbation or even wild intercourse may induce excessive prostaglandin E2 production in the local skin and internal tissues, leading to scarring and nervous damage.

Chronic over-ejaculation will lead to heightened prostaglandin E2 in the prostate ejaculatory duct, urethra and testicular ducts (seminiferous tubules, epididymis, vas deferens, and efferent ducts). Sildenafil citrate may also increase the risk of penile fibrosis.

Identifying the type of the injury and the tissues affected is extremely important:

  • You will get your penis bruised, if the capillaries were damaged.
  • You will get a penile varicose veins, if the valves of the veins were damaged.
  • If you damaged the nervous endings in the arteries, you will experience penile numbness. Moreover, if arteries nervous endings were affected, you will experience weakened and short-lived erections.