I am 24 years old and i had damage from jelqing one year ago. I had weak morning erection and my erection is 85% and underside of my erect penis is weak. Glans is soft and varicose veins are seen on underside of penis and had glass hour shape in semi erect but it disappears in full erection.

Is it completely curable and reversible or it is permanent i have to live with it?

Since i am allergic to saw palmetto could you recommend me a product other than Multi-Alpha?

Yes, this is all expected with similar kinds of soft tissue tunica albuginea injuries.

SR-Cream is to be strongly considered above all else here. It will decrease inflammation, increase local tissue prostaglandins E1 E3 and Nitric Oxide, and promote collagen scar tissue dissolution for healing and rejuvenation.

You may just skip Multi-Alpha and replace it with Alpha-Boost. The predominant need for a similar combination is to increase androgen levels (and be of some aid to NO and prostaglandins E1 E3 levels), which are largely responsible for penile tissue health and integrity. Additional positive effects can also be achieved with numerous lifestyle improvements and testicular cooling as well.

Additionally, you may want to consider standard useful practices, such as:
– Healing visualization. Here particularly helpful would be: https://yourhealingmind.org/product/heal-your-penis , as I’ve noticed on numerous occasions that guided imagery frequently produces results even beyond conventional medical expectations.
– Additional vitamin E cream applied topically.
– Gentle tissue massages
– Cold and hot wraps. Best done in the shower with cold and hot water alteration in 2 – 3 minute periods.