Varicose veins usually appear suddenly after penile injuries of any kind. Predisposition for similar occurrences is considered lack of elasticity hormone Prostaglandin E1, Nitric Oxide, vitamins B12, B6 and folic acid. The Prostaglandins E1 E3 are responsible for tissue and nerve elasticity and relaxation. Over-masturbation or penile enlargement exercises usually deplete the PGE1 and Nitric Oxide while B12, B6 are usually depleted by the use of medications or street drug abuses, including smoking and alcohol.

The following symptoms are usually observed:

  • Lack of integrity of the vein walls and valves
  • Hard the blood vessel walls
  • Plaque deposition in the veins and valves

To make the matter worse, the proper synthesis of a PGE-1 is usually severely affected in the new collagen scar tissue formation. The hardness and damage of the penile vein and valve, the plague and the lack of PGE-1 in the vein wall and valve will prevent them from being pinched and sealed during erection. Moreover, excessive stress neurohormones in the bloodstream can block prostaglandin E1 synthesis in tissues and blood vessels, leading to degeneration of the blood vessels in other parts of the body. The blood vessels and valves usually suffer plastic deformation or rupture.