Hello Dr Richard,
I’m having a problem that became chronic, 2 – 3 years ago i did both whole body exercises and penile exercises as I’ve been told by one of my friends for a healthy vessels and stronger erections but i felt it is quite dangerous when i started to see penile tiny subcutanous connecting channels and felt my erection became weaker and heavier to get and sustain. By that time, i avoided any sexual excitation for may be 6 months, though since my childhood i don’t masturbate or watch porn or indulged in sex waiting for the right person, but my only huge fault the misleading exercises. Over those 6 months i just took vitamin B and a regular vitamin and i had sometimes of good erections and some other times with weak or no erection, i mean spontaneous because i didn’t try to examine myself. The beginning of the next year, i started to have really hard erections and even the hardest i ever had in my life, i felt that my problem is solved and I am fine. But unfortunately, out of a sudden the subcutaneous veins became more with a huge one on the rt at 3 o clock forming spider veins with connecting channel with another huge one but comparably smaller on the lt at 9 o’clock, and i got an small indentation in my rt corpora and times of weak erections and stronger erections, this is now for 1 year and getting worse, although no real active sex, just the exited state while I am with my fiancee but without doing sexual stuffs. This is my 5 month being on herbal treatment like yours, called viapal group and massaging with a cream, to help the indentations and the scars, but i feel that those creams making my varicose veins larger!!, and sometimes due to the massaging i may ejaculate, but not all the time, may be once weekly but i don’t like that. I added fish oil, vitamin E & C and a venotonic and still exercising although my penis feels more firm after that but i exercise mildly to keep just active. Now, my marriage after a month or so and I am still on those herbs and vitamins?? What is your advise??
Thanks sir,
Appreciate your help.

Yes, an injury is possible even if not in a state of sexual exhaustion. However, if proper measurements are taken, as well as proper nervous and endocrine functioning observed, the damage will heal over time. The vein enlargement is a sign of intravenous and tissue collagen release, as well as corpus spongiosum damage. The vein won’t be pinched properly, enlarge and suffer additional damage over time.

It is good that you are taking an active stance. However, I can’t advise you anything while you are on other treatment, that is to avoid any side effects and unwanted reactions of a probable mix.