Hello! I’m 18 years old and sexually active since 17. I have a serious girlfriend and we have a lot of fun, but 3 days ago happened something that scared the shit out of me. She was on top with the face towards me and I think she broke my penis!! I heard a LOUD pop and felt immediate pain. I was so panicked that even went to the emergency, but they kind of laughed at me because there was no visible damage done. I think she dislocated it in the base or something. Is this dangerous? Will it heal?
Thank you!

Unfortunately, your erection was not solid enough for such kind of sex. If your penis is not hard enough, this ride will deform the shaft.

Your main concern should be to prevent scar tissue formation.

– Start taking L-Arginine 500, Multi-Alpha, Alpha-Amino, and Ultra-Purified-FishOil.
– Testicle cooling will also prove to be quite efficient in increasing your androgens.

I did that but it is getting worse – I burning-itching feeling and my erections are weak and deformed. I just want my erection back, I;m so upset that I want to cry! Please!


I understand that you are upset. Try massaging it with SR-Cream. This should take care of the burning inflammation feeling you are experiencing.