Hi. i did some penis enlargement excersises in 2009 and in june i had a burning feeling at my left side of penis. i quit jelqing at that time and since it happened i have a pain, burning feeling in my penis. i went to several doctors and they said it is ok. then i starting having varicosed veins in my penis.

a vein surgeon told me it is varicose veins and gave me a pill for that. it eased my pain but still i have it and now i also have spider veins across my shaft.

what makes me worry a lot. i have 1 blue vein on left with branches. and also have pain in a large vein on my right side. and i recently realised the vein in to down side of my penis is getting blue just before it enters to head.

i have been taking this varicose vein pill for 3 months and for the last month i started getting vitamin e. and now starting a multi vitamin which includes every mineral and vitamin that body daily needs..

so my question is. will i ever be able to get rid of these painful veins? and be able to cure my broken valves?? or i have to surgically remove them?

please help me if u ever saw this kind of injury and it healed in time?? it is now over 6 months and i feel really down.


Glenn, it is clear that you have damaged the veins and their valves.
Venous and valve damage can occur through lack of Prostaglandin E1 and/or B-12, B-6, and Folic Acid. One can deplete them by chronically engaging in an overactive sexual activity or drug abuse (smoking, alcohol). The veins are easily injured in this state of imbalances (frequently due to forceful masturbation or enlargement practices). Once injured they lose their integrity and a plague deposition in the veins usually occurs, which then blocks the synthesis of Prostaglandin E1. The hardness of the vein, the plague, and the lack of PGE1 (Prostaglandin E1) prevents the vein from being sealed during erection. In addition, over time the vein will experience additional deformation, expanding in size. Naturally, you will also observe them in your flaccid state.

You can rejuvenate the integrity of the vein wall by taking various nutrients and amino acids. And to be a bit more specific, amino acids that are precursors of androstenedione, HGH, DHEA and acetylcholine and increase prostaglandin E1E3 and Nitric Oxide availability.

The unfortunate fact is that it is highly improbable to completely reverse varicose veins as far as appearance goes. If they heal they will be less noticeable, but will never disappear completely. You can restore their proper functionality, though, so the erection will be able to pinch them properly.

The other option you have is surgery (laser stripping, vein stripping, ablation, or sclerotherapy), you should consult with your physician about the exact possibilities. Surgery will remove your penile spider and varicose veins, but it is very likely that an additional scar tissue will appear, thus constraining your erection and crooking your penis. Without a doubt, a high-risk operation.

The multivitamin you are taking is a huge step in the right direction, but just as important is to discontinue any sexual practices for as long as possible, of course, in the range of 1 to 3 months. By doing so you will give your organism time to heal itself, dissolve the collagen formations, and flush the blood vessels.

i dont mind the look of veins. they are not visible if u dont have a close look. but what makes me most irritated is the pain and the sense in the area. now it is dissapearing day by day. but it can be effect of pills i am taking.

will the pain will ever go away totally or i will have to live with this? and worst is as i mentioned it is in 3 veins that i have feeling. i even feel the blood flowing inside the vein when i lay down. it is like something is preventing the blood flow.

thanks a lot for your reply.

There may be all kinds of weird pains in the damaged veins and area, it is probably due to an ongoing inflammation, and should disappear eventually.

thanks a lot for recomendations. i dont masterbate as often as i used to for 6 months already. and in sex i am not that rough any more.

i will take these vitamins (multi vitamin, vitamin e, vitamin c and detralex) for another 6 months. and if pain doesnt pass i will think about surgery cuz i dont think i can live all my life like this.

one question i wonder. i started penis excersises bec i read some doctors also recommend it for enlarging as an alternative to operations. and when i read about my problem on web i saw many are suffering from loosing erections to fractures to varicosed and thrombosed veins.

i dont want anyone else to suffer from this so hope some day doctors or some other people will ban all these stuff which only gives people injuries and depression.

thanks a lot

Penile Enlargement is very possible, but one has to have a “teen” blood chemistry – very high levels of HGH, Prostaglandins E1 E3, NO, and androgen hormones. Also one has to be careful about the exact exercises he is involved in, brute force or pumping are to be excluded. An ok shaped gentle stroke (barely touching the penis) is enough to enlarge it given you’re having the right biochemistry – it is how your penis grows naturally. It’s also important to note that if you have the right biochemistry, your penis will grow, even without any PE exercises.

There is not enough information available on the subject on the internet, that is why people are injuring themselves.

Wish you a fast recovery!

i found this site. it is in russian and written by a russian doctor. he says it is very comman if u have practise long sex sessions. and he recommends surgery if there is pain as there is no way to treat varicose veins.

and he says it is very easy and no complications after surgery. it is just tying the vein as he says.

sorry it is in russian but u can use translate.google.com

and these are complaining about the same issue. maybe it is much comman there bec i dont know :)

whenever i return to my home country i will try surgery cuz this is too much till now. and dont think other options will help me..


glenn, don’t be mislead, a plague deposition after such kind of surgeries is very common. My advice is – try fixing your member without surgeries.

Wish you all the best!

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