Dear Dr. Richards, thank you for this site and your time answering people’s questions, which I’m sure brings some peace of mind.

Three weeks ago I was out cycling, I was unfortunate enough to have an accident which resulted which the nose of my saddle hitting me quite hard in the perineum area. A couple of days later I noticed heavy purple bruising to the base of my penis, also I had gone into some kind of permanent semi-erect state. Embarrassing as it was I went to hospital to get myself checked. I was told swelling and bruising should go down in a week or so, my urine was tested for blood, all clear.

So a week later bruising and semi-erect state had gone. I was with a hard flaccid feeling for another week. Now for the last few days I feel soft and normal.

Although things seem to be moving in the right direction, I am unable to get an erection, maybe 50% and will loose it quickly, also seems quite vainy. In addition to this I have a constant mild ache in perineum.

I have started taking l-arginine, multi-vitamin and zma.

I know I need to see a specialist, but in the meantime could you give me any advice on what has happend, and also if there is anything I can do to help things heal and restore my erection.

I can’t go one minute without thinking about problem, so any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Internal hematoma is the obvious conclusion. Similar symptoms are to be expected and it’s crucial to avoid any calcifications.

SR-Cream applied locally will dramatically increase elasticity prostagandin E1 E3 and Nitric Oxide for healing, collagen scar tissue dissolution and tissue restoration. Other than that, you’re on the right direction with the l-arginine, multi-vitamin and zma.

Glad if I could help!