hi,i am 16 years old and i suffer from premature ejaculation,i ejaculate 2-3 times a week but when i was 12-14 i would ejaculate almost everyday,i also sometimes get memory loss not a lot just like i would think of saying something then forget,i was wondering if you could help me.


You are too young, heightened androgen hormone levels along with excitatory hormones may also lead to premature ejaculation.


So do you think i will grow out off it ?
Im not sure if it is to do with me being young because even if im not that aroused i still cant last long,and i have noticed that i kegel when i get an erection and if the glans of my penis gets touched my pc muscle keeps flexing and un-flexing,im not sure if this is to do with anything but after i go wee i dribble quite alot of wee after.
I also get a lot of pre-cum when aroused.

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