Dear Dr. Richards,
I am 30years of age and am suffering with chronic bactereal prostatitis for the last 5 yrs.

My prostatitis was discovered in 2005 while I was working In a bank and was living a sedentary lifestyle.I have always had only one life partner to whom I am married now and have never ever had sexual relationship with anyone else.I used to masturbate almost 3 times a week before marriage (That’s till around 6 months back)and while I was in college I sometimes did it daily. While I was in my early teens I have sometimes masturbated 3 times a day.

My symptoms are the same now as they were 5 yrs back, only the intensity changes. These symptoms include sharp pain during urination, urgency to urinate at least ten times a day, disturbed sleep at night due to the reason that I have to get up to urinate at least once.

I have had the following tests done, all with NORMAL result
Transrectal ultrasound
Semen analysis
PCR Tubercular bacteria identification test etc

I get urine and semen culture done regularly and take antibiotics(21 day course) according to the sensitivity report of the identified bacterial colonies. Sometimes after having antibiotics some of the symptoms get relieved and the reports come out negative but then again after a period of 3 weeks or so, the culture shows positive results leaving me taking antibiotics again with aggravated symptoms. I have taken the following antibiotics till now:
Ofloxacin, Ciprofloxacin, prulifloxacin, feropenam sodium, amikacin and many others

My cultures show growth both in urine and semen. Now I have started feeling pain in the crotch area all the time and my symptoms are aggravated. I feel very low and depressed PLEEEEEEEEEEAAASE HELP.

Hello there,
Chronic bacterial prostatitis is a rare condition and most of the cases (up to 80%) are responding well to the antibiotics prescribed. That leaves you in the 5 to 10% of men with chronic bacterial prostatitis and in the 20-30% of them that do not respond well to antibiotics. I would suggest diagnosis revaluation. Inflammatory or anatomical factors that precede the bacterial prostatitis and strongly contribute for overgrowth of the cultures are to be excluded first.

For instance, the poor blood circulation associated with the sedentary lifestyle may have contributed to the prostate malnutrition and inflammation for lowered levels of elasticity prostaglandin E1. An abrasion followed through forceful series of ejaculations that further inflamed the prostate and caused discomfort. Different bacteria then took residence (or just grew in numbers) through the abnormal immune response in the area, so the condition became self supporting.

My advice to you is to:
1. Discontinue sexual activities for 1 to 2 months.
2. Make a good use of Zeolite-DA, Multi-Alpha, 5HTP-Nettle, Alpha-Amino, and Ultra-Purified-FishOil to better nervous and endocrine functioning, increase androgen hormones, better the liver functions, properly modulate inflammatory response, and increase prostaglandin E1 E3 and Nitric Oxide synthesis. The combination above will better the overall blood flow and immune response, and lower internal inflammation for restoration.