I’m so thankful I found your site. I’m 21 years old. About four months ago I noticed that my penis would shrink and become hard (flaccid) while standing up, in the shower, and especially after ejaculation. I attributed this to the foolish jelqing and stretching I had been doing, even though I never did anything that caused any pain. When I would get the hard flaccid, a gentle massage would cause it to become soft and appear normal. I laid off the silly exercises for a while, but I would still get the hard flaccid.

Since I did not have any trouble getting or maintaining erections, and the size and integrity of my erections was intact, I decided it would be okay to resume sexual activity. During sex with my girlfriend, my penis was pushed laterally very abruptly and we both heard a loud pop. There was no pain, and we continued to have sex, although ejaculation was uncomfortable, and has been since. After the pop, my penis has never been the same. The hard flaccid is no longer my worst problem. Gentle massages, heat, stimulation…nothing can get my penis to look normal again. Even when I get it to soften, I have lost a considerable amount of girth, almost like something is missing. I lost my libido for a while, but abstinence and a few supplements seem to have helped with that. Although I can still get fully erect, there has been a noticeable loss in erect length and girth (as if my max is not what it used to be), as well as an indent (for lack of a better term) just below the glans. This indent is most apparent when I am semi-erect. Also, my penis will curve slightly to the left in the semi-erect state, but it will straighten when I am fully erect.

Other symptoms include a feeling of a pressure in my testicles, pelvic tension, difficulty urinating while standing, and a my right testicle has started to hang strangely.

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. I’m desperate and very worried.

The sound you heard is a de-location sound.

If you had a hard erection during the act, the damage is located around the roots of the corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum near the bulbourethral glands.

If you had a weak erection the damage should be just above the pubis.

It sounds as you tore your corpus spongiosum and the supporting ligaments in the base from the side, so a hematoma occured, which is now causing pressure. The torn corpus spongiosum is not inflating properly, that is why your penile shape altered. Since it can’t inflate properly, it cannot pinch the veins as it is supposed to, so you will have troubles maintaining an erection. It is probable that with a lot of manual stimulation and just before you ejaculate your penis will look healthier, but that is an indicative of the overall penile health.

These traumas are difficult to treat, since the ligaments and the spongy tissue have to heal properly. A second trauma will make a complete mess so you should be extremely careful.

You need a long-term repair to dissolve the collagen scars that are currently forming, heal the ligaments, and improve the penile blood circulation by stimulating the tissues to release more prostaglandin E1 and Nitric Oxide for healing.

You should act fast, before the collagen scar is fully developed or calcified. I suggest to:

1. Since sexual activities of any kind will burden your endocrine system and produce more stress and inflammatory hormones, I suggest you discontinue the practices for 1 to 3 months.
2. Massage your penis with SR-Cream.
3. Use hot wraps.
4. Additionally boost the nervous modulation on stress and inflammatory response (to break the ongoing inflammation in the area of the injury), promote production of NO and Prostaglandins E1 and E3, and increase androgens with Alpha-Amino, Multi-Alpha, 5HTP-Nettle, Ultra-Purified-FishOil, and L-Arginine 500, and testicle temperature regulatory solutions.
The accumulated effect of all of the above should promote enough healing power. You should observe notable improvements after 2 months, and complete recovery in 5-6. I think that covers it.

Wish you a fast recovery!

previously i have posted about varicose veins on penis. it was like it is my only problem till that time but now i also have this rigid flaccid penis. it is not so hardly rigid but it is more than before. i also realized while i am getting an erection first the root of penis inflates and the middle of shaft seems very little (very weird look for me) after 3-5 seconds it gets into its normal shape. i also had recently a wound on the head of my penis in the path of varicosed veins.now seems getting better. before in that area i had red marks..i think there is an internal frequent bleeding because of varicosed veins and i should remove them right away?

I continue vitamin e,c and multivitamin as it seems it healed my pain a bit. also dont feel discomfort any more while i am urinating. and at last i cud quit masterbating and sex. it is my 7th day today.

Because of all these things i started smoking heavily. I smoke the cigarettes with lowest nicotine. But do you think i should totally quit it?

And really it can be ok after 6 months? I am really depressed and evening thinking of suicide.

There is an internal inflammation. The bleeding will be replaced by a collagen scar since body protects you from bleeding to death.

I would guess that an internal collagen scar is already forming so you experiencing the hourglass shaped penis.

You must quit smoking right away.

Yes, if you follow my recommendations you should heal in about 5 to 8 months.

Suicide is not the answer you are looking for, in fact it shows severe fluctuations in your nts. and hormonal levels.