I’m in my mid 30’s and starting to recover from Sexual Exhaustion. I’ve read on this forum that HGH is a benifit. How safe is this to take and is it safe to take with a Gaba supplement and citicoline? (plus other multi vitamins.) What part of the recovery will HGH help heal faster? What is a safe daily dosage? I have limp penis, premature ejaculation, slight pain in testicles after ejaculation and lower back pain — nervousness and anxiety. Some memory problems as well but it’s already getting better.
thanks for you help.

HGH is a complex hormone referred as the master hormone because regulates many functions. It is anabolic in nature and responsible for energy, vitality, and all the benefits one may associate with youth. Decreases after 25-30.

Healthy levels of HGH will help you heal all the symptoms of sexual exhaustion by positively affecting many bodily functions.

HGH promoting formulas (not HGH itself) may be taken with GABA promoting formulas (not GABA itself), citicoline, and other vitamins, without any adverse effects.

As for the safe daily dosage – it depends on the supplements you are using.

Wish you a fast recovery.


OK. So HGH growing agent and Gamma Amino butyric Acid is okay to take together.

I was also looking at the HGH supplement page. Is HGH helper basically Somatotrophin?


Alpha-AGH is not Somatotropin, Somatropin, or Somatrem. It will stimulate your own pituitary gland to produce more HGH through the natural HGH releasers. It wouldn’t be possible to work if it was a type of HGH itself.


I’ve been taking the original HGH product sold on this site (the spray) and it seems to really be helping me feel stronger and heal, but at the same time I’ve think the moles on my body seem to be getting bigger all of a sudden. This makes me nervous as moles can be cancerous. (my sister had some cancerous moles removed)

I’m not sure what to do because the HGH and GABA formula have really helped my lower back problems and organ get stronger but I also don’t want to feed an unknown tumor.

Not sure what to do.


You should discontinue the spray, no need to take risks there. Also should visit a clinic to have the moles inspected.

The spray will not cause cancer in any way, but may aid the development of already existent one.

You may consider similar and even more balanced and efficient approach with Alpha-AGH (less aggressive HGH promoting formula), 5HTP-Nettle, Multi-Alpha, Alpha-Amino, Ultra-Purified-FishOil, and testicle cooling.


Is it still okay to take Gaba? I heard it boosts up HGH as well.



Most certainly, I assumed you had Moderex GABA supplies left. GRB6-GABA will prove to be of great assistance.