It’s time to cover the basics of Sexual Exhaustion. Over the years we’ve received various questions and it’s time we answer what we consider to be the most important for the proper understanding of the syndrome.

So, what is Sexual Exhaustion?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that Sexual Exhaustion is a syndrome. The term syndrome is defined as a a group of symptoms that consistently occur together or a condition characterized by a set of associated symptoms.

Sexual Exhaustion is not only referring to sexual performance and abilities as is the common misconception. The term was first used as a description of sexual activities, frequently over the top, resulting in numerous ill consequences involving wide array of systems, organs, and tissues all the way to the base of their very functioning with various hormones, neurohormones, and neurotransmitters being seriously affected.

Why is getting better frequently so difficult to achieve?

Somewhere along the road of exhaustion, one usually develops a negative self-supporting neuroplasticity. It is a term used to describe inabilities of a given organism to restore itself to what’s considered to be a positive functioning only with the aid of its own hormones, neurohormones, and neurotransmitters.

Why are tests ineffective in detecting the imbalanced state?

Tests are usually ineffective in detecting the imbalanced state through the inability to monitor neurotransmitter levels in the brain, the wide range of acceptable results, and the flat ratio of hormone-neurohormone-neurotransmitter interactions monitored.

Are some people naturally predisposed to getting sexually exhausted more easily?

Yes, some people have been shown to be more susceptible to sexual exhaustion than others in similar physical and psychological circumstances. We shouldn’t neglect and general predisposition for exhaustion through certain receptor gene alterations. However, given the right circumstances, anyone can eventually exhaust his organism, reach the “breaking point” and basically get stuck in a cycle of inflammation.

Why is sexual exhaustion said to be a self-supporting syndrome?

There are numerous contributing factors but for the sake of relative simplicity we’ll concentrate on the major ones.

Lowered or/and severely imbalanced levels of acetylcholine, serotonin, dopamine, and GABA levels leads to deranged organism functioning and a wide set of symptoms. However, the most notable consequence of this imbalance is arguably the chronically heightened stress response through inadequate serotonin-GABA modulation on neuronal activity. As a direct result, excessive cortisol and prostaglandin E2 in tissues and brain, once important for proper organism behavioral modulation and adaptation through times of acute stressor exposure, create the new negative neuroplasticity extremely fast.

Adrenal gland adjustments to chronically create more stress and inflammatory hormones, such as cortisol and epinephrine, at the expense of DHEA.

Artery constriction for less blood flow and thus increased local inflammation.

The increased levels of cortisol, prostaglandin E2, norepinephrine, epinephrine, and especially prolactin to negatively affect the levels of GnRH, LH and FSH, and together with the arterial inflammation and constriction kill hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-testicular axis’ proper functioning. Less androgens to modulate inflammatory response, testicular insulin resistance, energy levels, tissue and testicular health, hormonal conversions, and neurotransmitter homeostasis, will result in even more vicious cycle of inflammation to suppress them even further through low dopamine levels and chronically heightened prolactin. Overactive sexual activities will slowly drain an organism of its potential for rejuvenation.

Why is the range of symptoms so wide?

Every symptom and the underlined causes for the symptoms experienced is just a direct result of an ongoing process which involves mainly nervous and endocrine systems. You can see how this state may manifest in a wide range of symptoms through individual gene expressions. However, quite a few symptoms can mainly be contributed to improper serotonin-dopamine-acetylcholine-GABA ratio/levels for weakened nervous modulation on excitatory and inflammatory response and abnormal hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-testicular axis functioning for lowered androgens levels.

I know I’m suffering from Sexual Exhaustion, what can I do?

If you consider yourself to be suffering from the syndrome, despite being somewhat of a tricky one, there are many things that can be done in order to restore proper organism’s functioning.

The way to go is to transform your neuroplasticity to a positive one. The interneuronal connections have been developed and ordered to process information in a specific manner. You may experience severe difficulties in rewriting their work to induce proper, by what you consider a proper, responses in certain situations.

So, the first step is to create what you would consider a positive neuroplasticity and keep it for a prolonged period of time. You should definitely completely discontinue any alcohol, drugs, SSRIs/SNRIs usage as they frequently lead to numerous and severe issues. Remember that even after you discontinue those you still may have a hard time restoring your erectile quality through the negative neuroplasticity developed over the years.

It’s important to note that ideally every problem must be addressed simultaneously to avoid feedback reactions supporting the developed negative neuroplasticity. That’s why just a random set of products or supplements of any kind frequently prove to be ineffective.

For starters, there are some things you may consider doing, such as:

* Exercise
Running is very beneficial for Nitric Oxide and hGH boosts.
* Proper diet
Much fiber, fruits, avoid milk with prostaglandin E2 analogs, avoid empty calories and much red meat.
* Negative ion exposure
The general rule is wherever there is water, there are negative ions: rivers, lakes, oceans and ponds, even your own shower.
* Massages
Similar practices definitely have positive effect on local inflammatory processes and proper blood circulation restoration.
* Sexual activities discontinuation
You’ll also need to discontinue sexual activities for 1 to 2 months and then limit masturbation as well as other similar in nature activities to 1-3 times a week for 3 to 5 months.

These are vital steps and yet, as you may notice yourself, frequently not enough. There are some main points you’ll need to take care of:

You’ll frequently need to additionally improve nervous and endocrine functioning, stabilize acetylcholine, serotonin, dopamine, GABA levels, aid hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-testicular axis proper functioning, cleanse the liver and restore its P450 detox. system which is particularly important in cases with alcohol, drugs, or SSRIs/SNRIs involvement, restore proper serotonin-GABA nervous modulation on excitatory and inflammatory response, increase androgens, increase elasticity prostaglandins E1 E3 and Nitric Oxide, alter numerous gene expressions, and eventually rewrite the negative neuroplasticity developed.