Hello Doctor,
I had protected sex with my gf about a month ago(condom was expired but it did not break). 2 days after that i have started to had some pains(very slight & irregular) in my penis. I went to sexual clinics for STD tests. They came negative. I have noticed for last few days, that sometimes i have tightness in my penis even when it is flaccid state.

Pain comes and goes. When i move it, its becomes normal soft penis. No problems getting erections.
i took painkillers(to try), it helps a little. pain is very slight.
there are no rashes or any other std symptoms. I am very tensed & anxious.
When i consume alcohol it becomes more noticeable.
Some times when i walk i get a minor pain in my left testicle. but it soon goes away.
After that i ejaculate very soon (probably because of anxiety).
Its been a month & the pain is not gone.

Thank you in advance


It’s most probably a case of faulty nervous modulation on inflammatory response. One will suffer from increased stress, excitatory, and inflammatory cortisol, epinephrine, norepinephrine, histamine, glutamate, and prostaglandin E2 for anxiety. The symptoms may magnify through alcohol consumption and the followed lowered androgens for parasympathetic support.

Increased prostaglandin E2 and lacks of prostaglandin E1 for elasticity may lead to a feeling of irritation or pain. Also, the increased inflammatory response will constrict arteries for improper blood flow to the area to worsen the condition.