Dear Dr. Richard,

My name is M*** Janssen (21 years old), excuse my English, i’m from Holland. A few months ago (8), i was in a period with lots of stress and lack of sleep. Most like because of night shifts I had to work to pay my study… I felt like a zombie in this period and so felt my penis. Because I didn’t thought this stress and lack of sleep were the caution of my non-working penis, I read of “jelqing” and started doing this in a way which was wasn’t the right way.. I’m pretty sure I damaged my penis with this. By now, the two corpora (as i read on the internet) work very good and can be hard as stone (dutch expression). But the blood flow to the glans is very bad. My glans can only be filled with blood when i lay on my back and with any little pressure it deflates. I’m hopeless and my mental health decreases very fast. Can you please give me some advice? My urologist thinks a cockring is the only thing which can help me, i really don’t trust this man…

Things i noticed: at the point where my urine leader “meets” my glans, i can feel and see a restriction. This is also in the rest of my urine leader. My glans also doesn’t become as hard as it ever used to be. I’m very sure it isn’t a mental cause. You can’t imagine how much your advice would be appreciated.

Kind regards,
M*** Janssen


I apologise for the delay. So, let’s get straight to it:

Can you please give me some advice?

Thank you for describing the issue in a detailed manner. It does seem to be a very straightforward variation of Peyronie’s Disease.

Similar injuries are not uncommon and are known to predominantly affect Corpus spongiosum. Sufferers will also experience weaker penile underside and smaller and softer than usual glans. The corpora cavernosa are not usually affected in any way (as mentioned), remaining just as hard. It certainly makes up for an interesting contrast since the surrounding tissues become softer than usual.

An hourglass shape during mid erection (or possibly some uncommon tilting) is usually also present. Sufferers may also notice a notable inability to get their penis to point upwards. If so, it is usually indicative of an internal scar tissue formation somewhere in the midshaft.

Sensitivity and erectile quality are severely affected through violation of tissue integrity (as you have already noticed). The scar is collagenic in nature but is not as elastic or even part of the surrounding tissues, so it affects the so called “penile sealing” (resulting in inability to sustain erection at 100% for prolonged periods of time without a constant physical stimulation), leading to venous leakage and/or penile varicose veins.

Inability to sustain strong erections (without physical stimulation) in an upright position is very common as well.

I won’t expect the collagen tissue to be calcified as of yet, which is good news.

The way to go is prostaglandin E1 E3 and Nitric Oxide increase in adjacent tissues for scar dissolution. Naturally, any ongoing inflammatory process is to be completely dealt with. SR-Cream will be of assistance in both dealing with inflammatory processes and increasing prostaglandins E1 E3 and Nitric Oxide. Based on our feedback, it has high success rate even by itself. However, there are many cases where it’s insufficient, and indeed there are numerous other positive practices that may be of huge assistance (I’ve mentioned them in similar cases as well, so feel free to browse around for some of the respective patient feedback after utilizing some of them). Let me go through some:

– Additionally increasing androgens responsible for penile tissue health and integrity. There are many ways to accomplish increases, such as: testicular cooling, a combination of supplements (such as: Alpha-Amino, Multi-Alpha, Alpha-HGH, and Ultra-Purified-FishOil), diet, exercise, etc.
– Cold and hot wraps. Best done in the shower with cold and hot water alteration in 2 – 3 minute periods.
– Additional vitamin E cream applied topically.
– Healing visualization.
– Gentle tissue massages.

My urologist thinks a cockring is the only thing which can help me, i really don’t trust this man…

You did well to avoid following similar advice. It is far from being viable as a solution and can only worsen the condition.

Please, keep me updated on the case.

Glad if I could help!

Hello Dr. Richard

Many thanks for your reply, i really do appreciate your answers. You’re a real example to all other docters and i’ve got a lot of respect to the fact that you help people you don’t even know and without commercial reasons, true hero to me!

Three weeks ago, i ordered the supplements Alpha-Amino, Alpha-HGH, Multi-Alpha en Ultra purified when i read possitve things about it on your website. Results are already noticeable: increasement of “feelings” in the glans and more volume erect as well non-erect. The restriction at the point where the urine leader “meets” is visible decreasing. I did some research for Peyronie’s Disease and noticed that a lot of complaints are similar to my situation, i noticed this effect between the head of my penis and the center.
For now i ordered SR-cream and Vitamin E-cream. I”ll start exercising too. I will send the results in short mails on monthly base.

Many thanks again, studying with a free mind works like ten times better, it’s so much better in times of exams.

Kind regards,

M*** Janssen

It’s always a pleasure.

I’m certainly glad you’re already observing notable improvements and would like to thank you for your feedback. It’s highly valued and always appreciated.

I have to say the regimen sounds very reasonable and should continue producing positive results.

Please, keep me updated on the case.

Glad if I could help!