Hi. I really appreciate the information you are giving on this site and i can say it gave me hope for my penis problems and already got some improvements.

I am suffering from depression, sexual exhaustion, chronic anxiety, sleepless nights and plus penis injuries, hard flaccid state, and visible varicosed veins.

After i followed your recommendations i got over much of the pain but some conditions still continue and give me lots of discomfort.

I have been searching cures for this and wanted to search about stem cell treatment. I learned it is possible for many things related to heart, nerves, bones and etc. and in the end i saw that I may even cure erectile dysfunction.

Because i have an injury to my penis, it is highly possible that i will have some erection problems in future due to fibrosis and injured veins. And i really don’t want to live my life without having enjoyable sex in early 20’s.

I wouldn’t do such thing if I am not 100% sure it will improve my injury, and is cost effective and safe. Also I want to continue my current treatment for a long time. But i want to have it as a last resort for recovery. I want to get your opinion about this replantation. Will it really work and give effects i want? or it is just money trap and only minor improvements??

Interesting, the research is an ongoing one but so far my opinion is that Stem Cells treatment won’t be of great assistance as it is.

Yes, it can regenerate tissue, but in most of the cases a collagen scar has to be dissolved. My guess is that stem cells can actually lead to additional deformations. Not to mention that if one is still in a state of slight inflammation every injection in the penis will promote collagen scar tissue release.

Hi. I checked more about the issue and saw no one had really great benefits, maybe 30-40% improvement, but it can be also placebo. And never saw a case it was tried on human for erectile dysfunction.

I think with the supplements we are doing the same thing. giving organism chance to repair itself like they do with stem cells. but if i can find a safe and cheap place can doing it I would like to get it injected intravenously. cud help my broken valves maybe.