Hello! I’m glad I finally found a site that makes sense and tells you other than “take Viagra and you will be ok”.

I have been masturbating for 17 years now, since the age of 12. I lost my sexual power around the age of 22 but I thought it is natural, because I was not a teen anymore. Later I started experiencing strange symptoms like back pain and extreme fatigue. As for the concentration, I’ve always been kind of not concentrated, and had difficulties to read a text without distracting myself. I married before 3 years and could perform but I knew I wasn’t as hard as I used to be.. she wanted much sex that I couldn’t give to her so I was forced to start taking Viagra, which at least kept me hard, but it’s not working that that great for some time.

I understand that I need to stop having sex and so on. Should I take AM-HGH? Please I want to speed up the process, a rightfully annoyed wife is waiting here.

Thank you!!

It is certain that you’ve been suffering from sexual exhaustion. The good news is that it doesn’t seem to be on the severe side.

You will strongly benefit from Alpha-AGH, but should also mix it with Alpha-Amino, Multi-Alpha, and Ultra-Purified-FishOil.

Wish you a fast recovery.

I’m much better now. Me and my wife are having a great time, and to think that we were near to a divorce..