HI! I’ve been masturbating at least 2 times per day for more than 15 years (I’m 27 now). The last year I sure let my penis have it by masturbating more average 5 times a day. 2 Years ago I started having some problems, I got varicocele on the left testicle, and along with It I started experiencing pain in the legs and testicles, along with a humongous weakness in my palms (I can’t explain it better – I just didn’t have the strength to hold on things tight). I had surgery for the varicocele and it is now almost gone, but my problems are not improving at all. I have very heavy low hanging testicles (I didn’t use to have such), my penis is not so sensitive and I don’t have morning erections at all. I started taking some Ginkgo Biloba but it is of no help. I also have a strange full feeling in the abdomen and I suspect it is because my prostate is enlarged. Well is this because of the masturbation? What would you recommend?

No wonder that after a chronic masturbation for 15 years your testicular function failed completely, and your prostate may have also been severely abraded. Your nervous and brain function are exhausted. I would guess that your testosterone levels are low (maybe around 250-300 ng/dl), because of the sexual exhaustion and the effect of the varicocele.

Currently you don’t have much healing power to recharge your system under the deficiency of androgen hormones. The extra inflammatory hormones released in the blood are probably the reason you got varicocele in the first place. Your nerves, blood vessels, and tissues lack of vital hormones and neurotransmitters.

The lack of morning erections is an indication that your acetylcholine-parasympathetic nervous recharge system don’t have the healing power to activate your penis, even after a long sleep.

My recommendation is:
1. Discontinue any sexual activities for 1 to 3 months
2. Check your Testosterone levels, it is crucial because of the extra damage from the varicocele. If they are under 300 ng/dl start a testosterone replacement therapy along with the restoration of your nervous modulation.
3. Make use of: Multi-Alpha, Alpha-Amino, Alpha-AGH, Ultra-Purified-FishOil, and testicular cooling procedures.