I am 25 years old, 2 months ago i had a tragic car accident and now i am still sleeping on my back because i have pelvic fracture ( fracture of both inferior pubic bone and vertical fracture of right ala of sacrum ). Also, my urinary bladder was ruptured and my prostate was displaced but the urethra remained intact. I had urethral catheter for about 1 month, now I am still in my bed and have problems.

I have problems with erections since the accident, i am very worried. It is very, very weak and was so painful. When I try to get nocturnal erections it will become painful and the pain would prevent it. Also, my penis is tender and is in a firm flaccid condition most of time. Also urination is painful and urinate several times and each time the volume of urine is decreased. When I urinate the pain is elevated and flaccid becomes normal only for a minute. My question is :

What is the expected cause of my case in painful erection? Is there are something that may have occurred during the surgery which repaired my bladder and prostate??

Also I want to say that when i touch the middle area of the base of penis there is huge pain radiating anteriorly. What can i do in this period while i will also stay for other 3 weak waiting pelvic bone to heal …thank u so much

This is a severe case. Internal hematomas are to be expected. Along with the ruptured bladder and displaced prostate, I would say that you are lucky you can even achieve erections.
You should consult with your local physician who will be familiar with your exact case and condition to give you more detailed answer, explanation, and directions.