Hi , I am 22 year old male. I noticed this strange thing when i don’t masturbate for 2 – 3 days or longer than my erections actually become kind’a softer and orgasm is also quite weak and the desire for sex is low! even if times goes up to weak or longer they are still weak erection and orgasm. But if I masturbate daily or soon after second time same day( for example after 2 h ) after the first time before break. The erections are much harder and orgasms are stronger. this kind’a strange because i did’t had this situation in past ( up to 21 year old) it actually was opposite than the longer i didn’t masturbate the urge was bigger and had rock hard erections and big ejaculation when i didn’t masturbate for 3 – 4 days or more, now it’s kind’a opposite ! What could be the cause ? I wasn’t masturbating for week and than had sex with hot girl but the erection was soft and orgasm …. but if I just masturbated recently it’s a lot of better! Could you please explain to me this !

This is a sign of diminishing sexual power. When you masturbate your organism produces much of the excitatory neurohormones, such as: histamine, glutamate, and especially prostaglandin E2 that puts you in “heat”, stimulates your brain and sexual organs, and brings the reserve of androgens and neurohormones to support the activity. Since prostaglandin E2 is slowly broken down, it may take one or several days for the levels to be normalized (note that also it may also take hours of masturbation or ejaculation if you want to elevate them again). In your case I would conclude that you are on the path of sexual exhaustion and will strongly recommend to just slow down and avoid the negative consequences.

Glad if I could help!