Hello dr.!

I over-stretched and damaged my member and had a form of exhaustion and inflammation. I started to take your products recently and they work great, but I did’t get your fishoil cause I am a vegetarian. SO I was wondering if it is alright for me to have my Omega 3 and 6 intake from vegetable source oils? I was also working out a lot in form of heavy cardio and heavy weights work and jumping with a rope.

Is it alright for me to work out in the gym or could this possibly harm the healing process?

I apologize for me bothering you with what may seem insignificant questions and I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me and my member thus far and doing for the community.

In that case you may use evening primrose oil instead. Keep in mind, though, that it probably won’t turn out to be as effective.

As for the training regime, it is vital to monitor your recovery time after weight lifting and/or running. You should generally feel well (even great) after exercising. In that regard, excessive tiredness and exhaustion is a sign of excessive inflammatory response.

One of the best ways to burn a lot of energy and boost dopamine, hGH and various androgens levels would be jogging for about 30 to 60 minutes.