Hello. i have been practising some eastern philosophies for some time and i realised that what you advice to people in general and in specific injuries are the same. like not having much sexual activity and misuse of organs will cause some exhaustion and other things. and the good part you also describe them with the bio chemistry of body so it will attract people more because it shows proof and medical background.

i had been great trying to follow some practises. like breathing excersizes, changing eating habits and thinking habits. but i did something very against these practises and i tried to change my body.. tried some penis enlargement excersizes and in the end had a injured penis. my symptoms are from sexual exhaustion to firm flaccid penis, varciosed veins in penis and also deformity of penis look and frequent pain and strange feeling in the penis.

i am trying to live much healthier than before (except smoking) and i got benefits of this.

but what i want to ask is in some health forums i saw people are suffering from firm flaccid penis, varicosed veins and peynorie for very long time periods. some even up to 12 years and i can say average of the guys complaning from injuries is around 3-4 years.

i have my complains almost for a year now and getting better day by day. but they will be totally gone? or i will have to deal with this for longer time or try to take some radical action?? like removing veins and clearing collagen in the penis by surgery??

thanks a lot for preparing this site. and hope some guys read and avoid harmful habits before they got injured.

Hi. Yes, by thinking positively alone, one will be able to change the internal biochemistry and reduce additional stress hormonal release. Breathing will induce parasympathetic responses and eating healthy will be extremely beneficial.

The unfortunate fact is that some of the people suffering from penile injuries don’t ever improve, and it takes months to years for the others.

Removing the veins or clearing the collagen scar will induce additional collagen release, ironically. It’s important to remember that you have the biochemical potential to heal yourself without any invasive procedures.

You should just:
1.Discontinue sexual activities for 1 to 3 months.
2.Balance your diet.
3.Make good use of our special SR-Cream designed to promote topical prostaglandin E1 E3 production, you should also take Alpha-Amino, L-Arginine, Ultra-Purified-FishOil, and 5HTP-Nettle.
4.You may also want to consider additionally increasing your androgens by utilizing solutions to precisely regulate testicular temperature.

You will observe notable improvements after a month. A full recovery usually takes at least 3 to 6 months. The vein will remain notable but smaller than before and will be properly pinched by the nearby tissues.

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