I am a 29 yr old white male of German origin, quite muscular, 5% body fat, and reactive hypoglycemic. I went through two 6 month treatments of Accutane. The problems started after in my opinion. I have a very low sex drive, almost non existent. I haven’t regularly gotten morning wood since I was 20 years old. I never had sex till age 27, and it was unsuccessful. I could not maintain erection inside a vagina. It felt as all sensation went away while inside with a condom on. Oral or manual stimulation is only way orgasm can be achieved. Usually with significant effort on my part. Growing up I masturbated 3-6 times a week, for 15-45 minutes and up to an hour. I would flex my penis multiple times to make masturbation more pleasurable, and intense. This flexing could last from 10-30 seconds were penis would grow and become much harder, equally an orgasm feeling. I would do this repeatedly 10-35 times until climax. Currently it takes flexing to achieve orgasm, but that is the only time I flex. Currently it hurts often when I do so. I only masturbate because I feel I should, never b/c I want to. I do not believe I ever get “Horyny”. I haven’t had a sexual partner since July 2010. I feel I have been depressed for the last 17 years or so, with no treatment. Low blood sugar hightens my depression, to make it extreme. I do get excited when I even am around a woman, just no erection, or very slight.




    Brother, what the F were you doing using a freaking chemotherapy drug?

    “It is also a chemotherapy treatment used in brain,[2] pancreatic and other cancers.”


    Go all natural and hope the damage is permanent!

  2. Joyro

    He might have used it for acne man. I had a friend using it right now and curiously he has similar complaints.

    In my opinion this drug is dangerous and CAN cause sexual exhaustion. Op seems to have timed it right and it should be the reason for the exhaustion.

    The question is what now? I’d recommend the usual treatment for a locked hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-testicular axis induced sexual exhaustion (as it seems to be the predominant reason for it, since of what I’ve read accutane may affect it on numerous levels).

    God bless.

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