I’ve been trying to overcome PSAS and it’s been tough. The opening to my penis is red and I ejaculate very fast and have precum. I’ve also been taking an Adrenal glandular from my Nature path along with Iodine. Can you please tell me if these two products might be the cause of my PSAS not going away (and getting worse)? My penis opening has been red for a long time. I went to two uroligists and they have no clue.

I have stopped taking them for some days and I feel better. However, my other symptoms like fatigue start appearing (extreme fatigue) and I need to start taking at least the Adrenal grandular. So I’m trapped at this moment.

Please help me.

Thank you.



  1. ChaosChaos

    The logic behind the psas would be overactive sympathetic system because of the adrenal supports I presume?

    Well, I’ve never actually tested the theory and seen anybody else report PSAS as a result of taking Adrenal glandular. That doesn’t speak much because guys taking it are not that numerous and I don’t know any.

    The conclusion would be that it is still unknown and not confirmed. More testing is needed.

  2. dieselfitdieselfit

    This is strange and haven’t heard anything like this before. How long have you been taking these product for and when did you start having PSAS?

    It’s an interesting concept definitely.

  3. ua_au (Author)

    Thanks for the replies guys.

    I was taking them for about 20 days before the first PSAS symptoms started appearing.

    It all points to them and I have decided to diminish the amount taken to 1/4 and just try to get day by day with the fatigue. The PSAS would have definitely screwed me over on a long run so I will take preventive measures.

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