Hi, I’m 25 years old and fairly fit, exercise daily and have a sexy, loving girlfriend. I

don’t usually have problems with my erection but when I drink even 100 vodka I seem to struggle, it affects my libido as well. This has been kind of damaging for me since I’m never getting wasted on the parties cause I would have to have sex with my gf and would like to satisfy her. So she is blasting away while I’m sobering like some old guy. This is continuing for a year now and I don’t really remember having those kinds of problems before. While I haven’t noticed any alteration in my regular erections and libido, this most certainly is something new. Summer is coming and you guys know how it is, it’s gonna be non stop drinking slobberfest.

Anybody experiencing the same problems? What do you think is going on? :-\ Alcohol really bad for my erection



  1. Flappe[R]

    Sounds as if you’ve suffered a slight drop in your hGH and Testosterone levels that is apparent when you’re on the edge there. Similar drops are to be expected around the 25th year mark so it shouldn’t be that alarming. You may try some supplements and additionally better your lifestyle.

  2. Zokura

    What Flapper said and I would just like to recommend cold showers. Yes they are hard to get used to but have found them to be extremely effective in raising my T levels. Begin with cool ones and gradually increase. Also a good idea is to just shower your balls with cold water and for 15-20 minutes and then continue with your usual bath regimen.

  3. Zobberz

    Go for some non-alcoholic beer. ;D

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